Club Notices

Notice of EGM of the Singapore Polo Club on 22 December 2020


Notice is hereby given that an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Singapore Polo Club will be held at the Clubhouse on Tuesday, 22 December 2020 at 7pm.


Registration commences at 6pm.


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Honorary Secretary

Minutes of 73rd Annual General Meeting and Attendance List


In compliance to Rule 36 f. of the Constitution, the Minutes of the 73rd Annual General Meeting held on 24 March 2020 is hereby posted for your viewing.


Provided there is no objection to the minutes after being displayed for a minimum period of two weeks, the minutes shall be considered as a fair record of what took place. If any objection is received from any Voting Member, the President shall consider the objection(s) and make any correction he considers necessary. The minutes shall again be posted as a fair record of what took place. In any event the minutes of the Annual General Meeting and the Extraordinary General Meeting are to be ratified at the next Annual General Meeting.


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23 April 2020

Delay in Phase 2 of Club's Redevelopment Works


7 April 2020


At the EGM of 15 February 2017, members had approved a resolution that included that:

(B) the Committee be empowered to:

(i) utilise part of the operating cash flows, up to a total of S$3.4 million over a term of four (4) years, for a coordinated replacement and upgrading program for the clubhouse including the sports block and stable block in compliance with relevant health, sanitation and building regulations;

ii) utilise an amount not exceeding S$2.8 million from the Club’s Facilities improvement fund for addition of new facilities, as follows:

(a) a new lift at the stable block;
(b) a new café / function room and kitchen near the swimming pool; and
(c) sixteen (16) new club rooms at the sports block.

The Phase 1 renovations at our Clubhouse was targeted to be completed sometime in June 2020 but with the latest directive from the Government to close the Club effective 7 April 2020 to 4 May 2020, all redevelopment works have been ordered to stop as well. For your information, Phase 1 includes the following:

• conversion of the Squash Court to a Poolside Kitchen
• construction of a Bistro Bar and a Private Dining Room
• new restrooms
• retiling of the pool and pebble wash flooring at the deck areas & parts of the veranda
• an air-con Reception
• an open kitchen concept at the Main Kitchen,
• renovation of the Main Bar and banquette seating at the veranda, and
• new furniture such as tables and chairs at pool deck and restaurant areas

Phase 2 (Sports Block) works will involve the building of 16 Club rooms and these were expected to be completed sometime in January or February 2021 but will also be delayed due to the said closure.

The Committee, having considered all factors based on the impact of Covid-19, the closure of the Club, the general decline in hotel room occupancy and financial prudence, has decided in the best interest of our Club and members, to delay the Phase 2 redevelopment works. While we cannot predict how long the Covid-19 pandemic can last, we believe that the said works will be delayed at least six months or even up to a year.

We thank you for your understanding on the above as we unite together as one during this challenging period.

Keep well and warmest regards,

The Committee

Essential Stable Operations at Singapore Polo Club from 7 April to 4 May 2020


6 April 2020

With the Club’s temporary closure from 7 April to 4 May 2020, we have written a formal appeal to the Ministry of Trade & Industry (MTI) copying the Singapore Land Authority (SLA) and are awaiting approval from MIT to continue essential stableoperations/management so that we can provide our horses with the necessary care and exercise that is essential for their welfare.

During this period of waiting, we have been advised by the relevant authority that we can continue with normal stablesoperations. Our professional staff i.e. polo/riding professionals and rider boys, will look after the health of horses while Dr Shetty will continue to work with our team of grooms to ensure the horses are cared for accordingly.

As vets are an essential service, they can treat your horses. Our Farrier will also continue operations. During this period while we are waiting for an official response, members are not allowed to come to the Club which includes the stables area to ride/exercise your horses.

We are as anxious as you are and will update you once we hear from the authorities.

Meanwhile your full co-operation is appreciated and do stay safe, healthy and positive.

Thank you.

The Management