SPC International Polo Handicaps



    • Colonel Ravi Rathore has served in the army for 20 plus years and has had the distinguished honour and privilege to serve and Command the 61st Cavalry, the most elite regiment in the Indian Army and the only active mounted Regiment globally. Ravi is a recipient of the Arjuna Award for excellence in Polo, India’s most prestigious award for sport, awarded by the President of India. He has played in more than 25 countries all over the world and had the unique distinction of representing India in 5 successive World Cups - 2003, 2007, 2011, 2014 and 2017 and captained the Indian Polo team in the last two FIP Polo World Cups. At present, he's an Ambassador to Federation of International Polo (FIP) from India.

      For his distinguished service, he has been awarded Vishisht Seva Medal (VSM) by Indian Army for having attained a handicap of +5 and being a prominent member of Indian Polo team for 20 years. Along with Polo, he has the passion for equestrian sports as well having excelled in the field of Equestrian, being the National Champion for medium grade show jumping and winning Silver medal in FEI Category ‘A’ show jumping.

    • Cody James Williamson is a 3-goal polo professional at Atoms Polo Academy and hails from South Africa. He has played professionally in South Africa in 10 to 12 goal tournaments, in Brazil up to 22 goal tournaments and has also played professionally in Argentina and New Zealand. Cody comes from a distinguish family of polo players and his father Selby Williamson was a 6-goal polo professional who played all over the world. 

    • Patrick Furlong is an Argentine Banker and longstanding polo player. Patrick has played extensively in Argentina, England, US and more recently in Asia and has a 3 goal handicap. He has been the captain of the Hong Kong polo team since 2014 and has been based at the Singapore Polo Club since 2015. Patrick is a Senior Banker at Lloyds Bank, responsible for the Financial Institutions business of Lloyds Bank in Asia Pacific. 

    • Waqas started riding and playing since a very young age. He currently holds a Polo handicap of 3 goals. He has participated in many local tournaments and has played Polo in United Kingdom, Thailand Malaysia, Argentina and Pakistan. He is currently one of the local professionals at the Singapore Polo Club.

    • Roon Kai, born and raised in Singapore, was introduced to the sport at an early age by his father, Ang Ban Tong, an avid polo player and a Silver medalist at the 2007 SEA Games. Roon Kai first joined the Riding Section of Singapore Polo Club at the age of 9, before getting his polo handicap at 15.

      Over the past three years, Roon Kai has toured Argentina, Australia, Chile, England and New Zealand to train and compete on young and world-class polo ponies for renowned polo professionals and organizations. He has also competed in other countries, including Malaysia, South Korea, Thailand and USA.

      Highlights of Roon Kai's polo career include being the manager and coach of Leadenham Polo Club in England over the summer of 2015, and getting selected for the Singapore national team in the 2007 Southeast Asian Games and once again in 2017.

    • Alex de Lisle is from the U.K. and started playing polo aged 11. Alex was part of His Royal Highness Prince Henry of Wales team which won the Sentebale Royal Salute Polo Cup in 2017. Alex has also won the British Young Player of the Year Award in 2003. He was honored to represent Young England and has played polo professionally in the U.K. for five years before moving to Singapore in 2009. Alex is a Partner at St. James’s Place Wealth Management, a FTSE 100 Company.

    • Polo blood runs deep in Satinder Garcha’s veins, The President of the Singapore Polo Club and son of retired Colonel Kuldeep Singh Garcha, who was captain of India’s national polo team.  With a 2 goal handicap, Satinder has a passion for the sport that has seen him play and garner honours in low, medium and high goal tournaments around the world including captaining the national team of his adopted homeland Singapore to a Silver medal at the Southeast Asian Games in 2007, and more recently in 2014 winning the Copa Presidente in Argentina, the most hotly contested 20 goal tournament in the world, beating out 64 teams to lift the coveted trophy. Over the years, he has also had notable victories in the Indian Open, Barcelona Open, Malaysian Open, Sotogrande Bronze Cup and St. Tropez Masters. 

    • Sanaullah Khan is a polo instructor at the Singapore Polo Club and holds a polo handicap of 2 goal. He has participated in many club tournaments and also in polo tournaments in Asia, Argentina, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Pakistan.

    • Ali Reda has participated in tournaments around the region, including Singapore, Australia, Argentina, Malaysia, Korea, Thailand and Dubai. Ali, the principal founder of a boutique design firm ar+d, caught the "polo bug" while creating the well-known Desert Palm Polo Estate in Dubai, UAE. Ali has been playing for the last twelve years at SPC. He plays off +1 handicap.

    • Ameer Jumabhoy is the 3rd generation of polo players in the Jumabhoy family. He is also a brand ambassador for Argentine fashion house, La Martina.

      He started playing with the team at 18 years old playing in the medium goal league (6-8 goals) in Malaysia. The next season in 2009, Ameer became a part of the team in the International League Tournaments (12-14 goals) and was part of the team that won the 2010 RSPC International. Since then, Ameer has won the RSPC International in 2014 Royal Pahang Polo Classic in 2015.

      Ameer is also a member of the Singapore National Team and has won the Audemars-Piguet International Gold Cup in Singapore twice.

    • Asad Jumabhoy started riding at the Singapore Polo Club in 1966. Since then he has participated in both polo and equestrian competitions internationally. He came second in the First Asian Showjumping Championships held at in Tokyo, Japan in 1982 and participated in the Asian Games trials in 1986, Seoul.

      Asad's affair with polo started in 1971 and his experience ensured that he held a handicap of +3 for over two decades. Asad has played in the SEA Games in 1983 and again in 2007 winning the bronze and silver medals respectively as part of Team Singapore. He also bore the Singapore banner at the 2003 Polo World Cup.

      The defensive player is now an Ambassador of the Federation of International Polo and enjoys mixing with polo-loving people from across the globe.

    • Ali Namazie started riding in the late 1960s and began playing polo in his teen years. He has participated in numerous Club tournaments and has also played polo in Malaysia and Thailand. Ali is a Physics Professor by profession.

    • Ali Jumabhoy is Singaporean polo player. Ali has been playing polo from the age of 14 and is the third generation of polo player in the Jumabhoy family. Ali is currently the Captain of the University of London Polo Club and has competed in tournaments around the world. Aside from polo Ali is currently a law student at King's College London.

    • Anna has been playing polo at the Singapore Polo Club since 2005. She plays off a 0 handicap and has played in the UK, Thailand and Australia. Anna and her husband Graham Cox have 3 children, Thomas 11, Scarlett 9 and Georgia 6, who were all born in Singapore.

    • Ban Tong started playing polo in 1991 and has participated in many local and overseas tournaments. His team won the Singapore International Polo Tournament 2011 and he was awarded the Most Valuable Player in the Singapore Open 2012. He has also participated in overseas tournaments held in Australia, Argentina, China, Korea, Thailand and Malaysia.

    • Bruno is a French Australian who holds a 0-goal handicap. He started playing polo with his daughter 18 years ago and plays intensively in
      Australia with his daughter and son. He was President of the Windsor Polo Club ( Sydney) from 2015 to 2019 before moving to Singapore and joining Singapore Polo Club. Bruno has played in France, Spain, Argentina, China, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

    • Gerry Gan, a former golf addict who one day discovered polo being played next to his home golf course in Shanghai, threw his clubs out of bounds and changed them for polo mallets and has never looked back since. Now playing off 0 goal handicap, Gerry is a partner in WongPartnership LLP, a leading law firm in Singapore.

    • Ian has been a long standing member of the Club.  He is a certified HPA umpire and umpires and referees regularly in the tournaments at the Club. He is an architect and has his own practice in Singapore since 1976.

    • Imran currently holds a 0 goal handicap and has been playing polo for about 15 years. He started playing at the Singapore Polo Club, but has also played all over the world including in the UK, US, Australia, New Zealand and Thailand to name a few.

    • Iqbal Jumabhoy learnt to play Polo at the Singapore Polo Club in the 1970s. He has been fortunate to play all over Asia, Anz, USA and Argentina over the years. In the teens, he was part of the team called the “rebels” which won almost every trophy in Singapore and Malaysia during its existence and was disbanded in 1978.

    • Jeff Hardee has a 0 goal handicap. He started riding at the age of 12 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and began his polo career at the age of 13. He has also participated in amateur horse racing. Jeff stopped playing polo at the age of 15 and then resumed his polo career in Singapore in 1993. He has participated in many tournaments in Singapore and Malaysia, including the Rolex Cup. His favourite horse at the Singapore Polo Club is Tobiana as she is agile, dependable and has a lot of heart. In addition to polo, Jeff enjoys playing squash, running and spends a considerable amount of time running a business software alliance.

    • Jonathan started playing polo in 2009, after watching his wife (and team mate), Lynly, launch back into the sport after moving back to Singapore from Hong Kong. Having previously competed in triathlon and adventure racing, Jono now has fully embraced the Polo life and is busy in Queenstown, NZ developing Queenstown’s first Polo Club.

    • Keith is the second son of our polo player, Yeo Kuo Lee and started playing polo at the age of 12 years old.

      He played polo in Australia, Argentina, New Zealand, Malaysia, Thailand and Mongolia.  He has participated in tournaments in Malaysia and Mongolia and holds a polo handicap of 0.

      He has won the Royal Selangor Polo Club Merdeka League 2010 as well as the British Polo Day, Pelham Bell Pottinger Cup in 2011.

    • Kevin Wilkinson has been playing polo in Singapore for over 25 years....and still only -1! He was in his forties when he started, so these days claims 'advancing youth' as an excuse for his many lapses in quality of play and forgetfulness of the rules. He is the MD of licensed financial adviser, Unicorn Financial Solutions. He has served at the Singapore Polo Club as Polo Captain, Secretary and Treasurer amongst other committee posts.

    • Koh Pei Bei, playing for 8 years so far now. Has 5 horses in the club and is playing off 0 handicap.

    • Lawrence Khong is the founding pastor of a mega-church in Singapore. In addition, he is also an award winning magician who has performed in some of the most prestigious stages around the world in the United States of America, China, Korea, Japan, Hongkong, Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore. However, what he is most proud of is the fact that he has been married to one woman, Nina, for 46 years having dated her for 9 years since high school. Together they have two sons and two daughters who are married as well as one 18 year old grandson and a 6 year old grand-daughter. This July Lawrence turns 70 years old and hopes to be able to compete in Polo tournaments in our club as long as he could

    • Mr Lee is the founder of Korea Polo Club. He started horse riding and learned polo at Singapore Polo Club in 2004. His 2 sons also play polo with handicap zero. He has represented the Korean national team twice for the All Asian cup in Thailand.

    • Lynly Fong started riding and playing Polo at the Singapore Polo Club. Her whole family is horse crazy and spend much of their free time around polo and horses. She is super happy with her string of horses this year, and is looking forward to an enjoyable tournament.

    • Olivier Duguet spent his younger years riding in South West of France, and discovered polo in Jamaica in 2004. He received his first handicap from the French Polo Federation in 2006. He has been a member of the Polo Club de Chantilly since 2007. Olivier won the Low Goal French Championship (0-4 goals) in 2010 as well as the Megeve Polo Masters, an International Snow Polo, that same year. Having moved to Singapore with a 0 handicap in 2013, Olivier continues his love for the sport at the Singapore Polo Club.

    • Formerly the ex- captain for the Swedish national team in 1995 and 1997, Rickard Hogberg was also part of the team which represented Singapore in the 2006 World Cup qualifier. Having played in Australia, Europe, Argentina, South Africa, Brunei and so much more, he is a force to be reckoned with having won the Rolex Cup and other major cups!

    • Marie is from Belgium originally but has been living in Singapore for more than 10 years with her family. This is where she picked polo. She enjoys traveling to play in other countries including Argentina.

    • The first time Rajiv Menon sat on a horse was in June 2011 and immediately fell in love with horses and riding. Wanting to progress quickly, he went to Thailand early in 2012 and put himself through polo boot camp over a 5-day stretch. He repeated that twice over the following couple of months, passed the polo test in August 2012 and played his first tournament in Nov 2012. His most memorable tournament was perhaps his first one, where he scored 7 of the winning side’s 8 goals in a well contested match with a final score of 8 to 7 ½.

    • Stijn Welkers: all about fun, games and enjoying life to the full, Stijn is a polo tourist playing wherever and whenever he can. Playing off 0 goal handicap, he has travelled to many countries during a sabbatical in 2011 and visited polo clubs in South Africa, Argentina, Nicaragua, Wellington Florida, Barbados, New Zealand, Korea, China and Thailand. Stijn’s most memorable polo experience overseas was with the Genghis Khan Polo Club in Mongolia in 2010. Stijn started polo in 2006 and was voted “Most Improved Player” of the Thai Polo League as well as the Singapore Polo Club in 2009. In 2010, Stijn was part of the winning team of the International Pro/Am and the Audemars Piguet International Polo Tournament in Singapore. In 2012, he won his first ever "Most Valuable Player" award in Tang Polo Club in China. Stijn works in the computer games industry and is married to Hema and father of Serafin (2016).

    • Stephanie has been a member of the Singapore Polo Club since 1978 when her parents Brian and Maureen Miller both started playing polo. She learnt to ride at the Singapore Polo Club and spent most of her time riding polo ponies. It was only in 1998 after returning from Hong Kong that she decided to start playing polo and has played on and off for the last 20 years. Stephanie has been married for 20 years to Paul Masefield and has 2 children, Ryan who is 16 and Zoe who is 14 years old and equally passionate about riding.

    • Tan Hock has been playing polo since 1989 in Argentina, Australia, China, Korea and Malaysia. He has also participated in many tournaments and his most memorable experience was winning the Rolex International Polo tournament in 1999.

    • Growing up, Vinod knew that he wanted a career in global business. That dream is in full bloom since he works as the CEO of Tata Communications, which operates in more than 100 countries. If he could go back in time, he would add professional polo players to his childhood wish list! Vinod started riding and playing polo 4 years ago and is consumed by the sport. He enjoys chasing the white ball around on horseback. Luckily, his global travels have enabled him to play and engage with the polo community in Argentina, England, Sotogrande, Thailand and Malaysia, in additional to his home club in Singapore.

    • Kuo Lee has been playing polo since 1970s. He has participated in many local tournaments and played in many countries such as Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, India, Brunei and Malaysia. His 3 sons, Clifton, Keith and Creighton are all playing polo at the club. Clifton and Keith were awarded the Most Valuable Players in the last British Polo Day tournament.

    • Alexander has been riding since the age of 4. At 10 he picked up polo and never looked back. At age 15, Alex has now played polo on three different continents and this is his first tournament.

    • April learnt to play polo in England and has been playing polo in Singapore since 2007.  She currently plays off -1 handicap.

    • Clifton is the eldest son of our polo player, Yeo Kuo Lee and started playing polo at the age of 13 years old. He played polo in Australia, Argentina, New Zealand, Malaysia, Thailand and Mongolia.  He has participated in tournaments in Malaysia and Mongolia and holds a polo handicap of -1.

      Clifton has also won the Young Player of 2012 awarded by the Equestrian Federation of Singapore.

    • Daniel learnt to play polo in Singapore Polo Club. had the opportunity to play polo in Thailand, Argentina and Sotogrande.

    • While working in Pakistan in the 1980s Elaine got her first taste of polo when she was invited to ride at Shandur Top, the highest polo field in the world. Unfortunately work kept getting in the way so it was another 20 years before she finally picked up a polo stick.

      The polo bug has now been caught by the rest of her family: son Warwick plays for Loughborough University and her husband Ross has also decided to give it a go. Elaine’s polo has had some inconvenient interruptions over the years but she is forever thankful to her faithful steed Jota for her loyal support!

    • Elbert plays off -1 and has been playing polo for several years both locally and internationally. His wife, Doreen is a polo player too.

    • Ivan is currently playing off a -1 goal handicap in the Singapore Polo Club. He picked up polo back in 2017 at Epsom in the United Kingdom and has since had the opportunity to play polo at Sotogrande in Spain and New Delhi in India.

    • Henry has ridden from a very early age and caught the family bug for polo. Playing in the UK and Dubai before moving to Singapore and joining the Singapore Polo club 5 years ago

    • Jane plays off -1, she has been playing polo for 6 years after switching from dressage. Jane has been able to play around the world Including trips to Argentina, and the whole family are now involved in the sport.

    • A polo enthusiast at heart, Karan started riding at a very young age of 6. He started his polo journey with Sam Gardiner in Melbourne in the early 2000s and has been playing ever since. Comes from a Lineage of Serial Entrepreneurs and is married with two children.

    • Kunal was awarded the Upcoming Polo Player of the year Singapore in 2016, He has been playing around the world polo since 2000.



    • Leon Chu started playing polo at the Singapore Polo Club in 1986.  Leon is a jeweller by profession.  He has two children, Elliott and Carmen, and together with his wife Crystal, are frequent visitors to the Singapore Polo Club.  Leon was Singapore Polo Club president in 2011/2012.  He has played polo in China, Korea, Mongolia, Australia, Malaysia and Thailand, and has also played elephant polo tournaments in Thailand.

    • Hailing from Netherlands, Marie plays off -1 and has played polo both locally and internationally.

    • Melissa Ko started riding at the Singapore Polo Club when she was 10 years old, and made the move from the dressage arena to the polo field to try her hand at a new sport. Besides playing regularly in Singapore, Melissa has also played in Argentina, Thailand, Malaysia, and the Philippines. She has participated in mixed and women’s tournaments and enjoys the challenge of playing competitive polo. She is an active member of the Singapore Polo Club, and has served on the Club’s Committee in various capacities. She currently keeps her horses in the UK, and looks forward to playing polo in Europe. Melissa’s other interests include travelling, skiing, gastronomy and music. 

    • Purvish currently holds a -1 handicap and has played in several of the Club's tournaments.

    • Paul really enjoys his time on the field, especially with the camaraderie among the players.  He spends much of his weekends at the club along with his two daughters who are avid riders.

    • Ranbir Singh learned to play polo at the Singapore Polo Club. It all started when Ranbir attended a corporate function at the club and was so impressed by the game that he bought a membership a few days later and never looked back (notwithstanding a few hiatuses). Ranbir is married with two children all of whom have caught the “polo bug”. Ranbir is currently regional head of legal & compliance at an international bank (but somehow finds time to play!).

    • Ronnie Lim, as a boy, had dreams of riding a horse like the cowboys, a dream he realized in his adult years. (Four years on and) Fuelled by his passion for horses riding and polo, he established Paisano Polo Academy in Singapore in 2012. That same year, his team won the inaugural Singapore Open held at the Singapore Polo Club (SPC). A member of SPC, Ronnie plays and trains regularly in Argentina with Canchi Andrada, in Singapore with his professional Nicolas Pieroni, and in Thailand, where his team recently won the King’s Cup. Ronnie currently plays off a -1 handicap and off the field, Ronnie is a dedicated husband and father of five.

    • Tim is originally from Dallas where he started to play polo in his teens and through his 20s in the US, Argentina and England ... after stopping for over 2 decades, he picked it up again at SIngapore Polo Club in 2018. Tim is a private equity investor, married and father of four children.

    • Andy started riding at SPC in 2021, and has not looked back since. Apart from the horses, he most enjoys the camaraderie and excitement on the polo field.

    • Corey Koh holds a -2 handicap and graduated from our Atoms Polo Academy last month. He has played in several of the Club's tournaments with the recent being the Spring International Tournament 2022.

    • Chua Boon Lai holds a handicap of -2 goals and has played polo locally and internationally. He also participated in last year’s Spring International Polo Tournament.

    • A familiar face on the social circuit, Clarinda Tjia-Dharmadi, HPA handicap 0, is also an accomplished lawyer whose name appears on international lists of leading lawyers. The founding patron of Semper Anticus Polo Team  based in England, Clarinda plays in high, medium, low goal and ladies polo in the U.K. and around thé world, and this summer, she won the British Ladies Open, the most coveted tournament in ladies polo, as well as the HPA’s entire Victrix Ludorum series, with championship wins at Guards, Cowdray, Cirencester, Blackbears and Beaufort. She also won the 22 goal Bathurst Cup with Barto and Jeta Castagnola, and  was a finalist in the 18 goal Apsley Cup with Jeta Castagnola and Poroto Cambiaso.

    • A lawyer by training and a diplomat by profession, Dominic started learning polo in Australia. He is currently hooked and has been playing since 2010. Apart from Singapore, he has also played in Australia, Thailand, New Zealand and in the USA.

    • Doreen joined SPC in 2016 with the sole intention of learning to ride a horse. After spending a few years in the Riding Academy, the lure from Polo was too hard to resist and she decided to make a switch to Polo in 2019. Besides playing polo regularly in SPC, she also enjoys incorporating different aspects of equestrian activities in her holidays including horseback safari, cross country riding and playing polo overseas.

    • Ella learnt to ride at the SPC riding section at the age of 7. In her teens, she had competed in show jumping before moving to the polo section in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. She soon fell in love with the team sport and its excitement. She obtained her handicap overseas in America, where she had played in a tournament.

    • Emma started playing polo at SPC in 2019 and holds a polo handicap of -2 goals. She plays regularly at SPC and has played polo and participated in tournaments in Ireland, the UK, Spain and South Africa.

    • Federico, Italian is from Rome. He learnt to play polo here in Singapore and has been playing for the past 4 years. He has participated in tournaments held in Rome and Singapore.

    • Fahad is from Pakistan and started playing Polo at the Lahore Polo Club in his pre-teens. He stopped playing regularly before going off to college and tries to play whenever he can. A banker by profession, Fahad is married and a father of two beautiful children.

    • Miguel first started riding in 2016, eventually starting polo in earnest in March of 2022. He currently holds a handicap of -2 after progressing through the Atoms Academy program. He has played in the Atoms tournament at the club and is actively looking to play in more tournaments both locally and abroad.

    • Sandy started horse riding in 2021 and started playing polo in 2022. She has participated in international chukkas held in Argentina, Australia and United Kingdom.

    • William Peacock currently holds a -2 handicap and recently graduated from our Atoms Polo Academy. He has played in several of the Club's tournaments with the recent being the Spring International Tournament 2022.

    • Jiat Hui has been a member of SPC for over a decade. She is an avid equestrian who spent many years in the riding section before she switched to polo in 2019. She enjoys the adrenaline rush from the sport and will be looking to play more tournaments locally and abroad.

    • Yvonne Twiss has been playing polo since 2000. She joined the Singapore Polo Club because she wanted her children to learn to ride. After a short return to show jumping, she decided to switch polo.  Polo has become a great family sport for Yvonne, with both her sons, Alex and Giles playing to a high standard. Yvonne is single and has travelled to many other countries including Australia, USA, India, Malaysia and England to experience the game. Aside from polo, Yvonne has spent her entire career in Singapore spanning some 20 years in the commodities derivatives industry.